Great Lakes Steelhead Flies - Michigan Winter Steelhead flies & Jigs for the Muskegon River, Pere Marquette River
and Manistee River Spring Steelhead, Lake Erie Steelhead flies, Steelhead alley flies. Michigan Steelhead Jigs.

Great Lakes Steelhead | Flies for Michigan and Ohio Rivers. Steelhead fly patterns for Muskegon River Spring Steelhead. Spring Steelhead assortments available for New York and Ohio tributaries, Steelhead Alley, Steelhead Jigs and Flies. (231) 519-7348
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Mojo Fly Company - Custom Steelhead Flies & Jigs for Michigan. All flies & jigs sold on this site are hand tied by our staff on premium hooks and with the highest grade materials from Hare Line Dubbing, and Diiachi Hooks. We work closely with these companies to build top quality fly Patterns. I can insure that you will get exactly what you have paid for on every fly in your order. These flies are great ... And catch fish!

Mojo Sac Fry Minnow - Fry Pattern Micro Egg Sucking Leech - Mojo Egg Leech Soft Hackle Fry -Alevin - MI Steelhead Flies Rusher's  Stone - Orange Eztaz Stone - 6 for $9 Phsyco Nymph - Orange -  Steelhead Nymph - 6 for $9 Psycho Nymph - Steelhead Nymph - 6 for $9 Mallard Flank Minnow - Trout Soft-Hackle-  6 for $10   Soft Hackle Fry -Alevin - 6 for $9 Ice Man Minnow- Goby - Parr  Pattern - 6 for $12
Ice Man Minnow - Emerald Shinner - 6 for $12
Ice Man Minnow - Natural Ice - 6 for $12
Ice Man Minnow - Blue with orange pearl - 6 for $12
If you would like a personal order or Winter Steelhead assortment please give us a call at (231) 519-7348.
We can set up a Spring Steelhead box just for you and your exact river conditions pattern selections!

Coming soon! Michigan Fall Steelhead patterns and flies for the Pere Marquette, Big Manistee River, and the Muskegon River located just north of Grand Rapids, Grand River. Steelhead Packages

Custom Steelhead Designs that can be ordered here include; Steelhead nymphs, Stone fly nymphs, Hex nymphs, Steelhead Buggers, Various egg flies, and a host of bait fish designs used frequently on Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and the rest of the Great Lakes for Steelhead, trout, Salmon, and warm water species.

Top producing Steelhead flies & Jigs for Michigan & Great Lakes Steelhead & Salmon. Our flies are tied on Daichii hooks! We offer top quality Steelhead guide patterns guaranteed to get you into more fish. Perfectly tied Stone flies, nymphs, and egg patterns at great low prices. Our flies are developed by top professionally endorsed fly fishing guides in the Great Lakes and Western Michigan rivers for Steelhead, Salmon, Trout and Smallmouth.

If you would like a personal order or Winter Steelhead assortment please give us a call at (231) 519-7348.
We can set up a Spring Steelhead box just for you and your exact river conditions pattern selection!

Daichii & Tiemco Hooks:
We offer anglers a wide spectrum of fly patterns for Great Lakes Steelhead tied on premium Daichii and Tiemco hooks. These hooks are strong and will not bend out when you have a Trophy Steelhead of a life time!

Guide's Choice Selection of Steelhead flies. These assortments are filled with our go to patterns for Great Lakes Steelhead. Selections are available for High water , Normal conditions, or low and clear water clarity.

John with a gorgeous Lake Run  Brown Trout landed on a Mojo Clown egg. "Get you fish on!"

Steelhead Jigs -
One of the most innovative and new products out this year is our Mojo Steelhead Jigs. These Steelhead Jigs feature Gamakatsu hooks and are are super small, 2x strong, and will not bend out. We carry a variety of custom colors, all with power coat jig heads that will not chip. These jigs are perfect for Float & spawn or Jigs & waxworm combos suspended under a floats fished for Steelhead.

Clown eggs for Michigan Steelhead - For many years, Mojo Clown eggs have out produce all other fly patterns for Steelhead during the Fall and Winter months! Clown eggs imitate traditional egg flies with a twist... an array of colors! Inspired by the sherbet corkie, the Clown egg catches Steelhead in a variety of water conditions. This fly shines in high or murky water conditions. Smaller sizes are fantastic in clear or heavily pressured water by showing the fish something different!

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